Thursday, September 28, 2006

Death Penalty - Argentina

I keep saying that from Mexico's border to the south, things are all the same, and reading through the posts I think I am, sadly, right again... It would be really interesting if someone would compare the growth of the country's population against the penitentiaries' population. I'd bet money that the latter is quite higher.

My parents have a small business, and they have been robbed several times. Governments change, things change, and they still get robbed. My mother has had a gun pointed to her head while a complete idiot threatened to shoot her if she didn't open the cash register... luckily, that story doesn't have a tragic ending, but it was close to that.

As you might have guessed by now, I think we need to have strong laws, and strong punishments, so we keep the bad guys away from the hard working good guys. What I really don't know is if installing a death penalty would make things better. The US has it, and I don't see them making any progress.

What we really need is a plan to educate people, and I don't mean elementary education, I mean all sort of education, including sexual education. If you had a huge family to feed and no food on your table, what would you do? Would you steal to feed your children? But one thing is stealing food, and another is getting a gun and stealing money...

To makes things worse, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that jails are not achieving their goals. The ones who survive their jail-time, get out with a degree in murder, assault, and extorsion...


Blogger Jock said...


Incredible, everything is the same in latin america, as you mentioned.
I´m very cusious about how some asian coutries deal with this...

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