Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Death Penalty - Brazil

Reading about the situation in Venezuela, I thought I was readind how the things works in Brazil. It´s EXACTLY the same. No death penalty, and 30 years is the max of time that a prisioner can get. But if you have at least a College/University, you have the right to be in a special jail. Anyway, if you have a good behaviour on the jail you can get out only spending 1/3 of the sentence. Besides all that, our law has a lot of "breaches", so the lawyers can find them to let the criminals free.
I really don´t know if I agree with the Death Penalty, but I´m pretty sure that I would if something happends with somebody close to me. In some cases I would consider it... when the criminal confesses the crime, and it´s a terrible one, for example. But I really don´t know.
My friend used to say, translating to english: "Human rights for right humans".


Blogger Rebelde said...

They say Latinamerica is one for a reason, most of the situations are pretty much the same in every country, maybe just with a different flavor. But I'm not sure if I agree with the last part: "Human rights for right humans" but who's to decided who is actually right and who's not? I wouldn't like to be the judge because I'd be playing with someone else's life.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Jock said...

I got your point, Johan. I even know that it´s very complicated to judge.
I mentioned the cases when the criminal confesses the crime (so we can discard innocent people being wrongly judged), and it´s a barbarian crime. So becomes easy to know if he´s a "right human".
Anyway, it´s a controversy first topic.

2:10 PM  
Blogger Desiree said...

I really don´t know if I agree with the Death Penalty, but I´m pretty sure that I would if something happends with somebody close to me. ... yes, that is a situation (someone close to you) that would make it easier to say 'kill him/her'. If you knew for absolute certain the perpetrator was the person captured and they had killed a loved one it very well might be easier to want the death penalty - but, thinking a bit more on that - they are killed, and it is over. They get inprisoned and face a lifetime of living with that on their conscience... (if they have a conscience) could be worse punishment than sudden death, as they'd have to face their crime every day as they lived and breathed.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Jock said...

Yes, maybe...
But in the Brazilian prision situation, he´d get out of jail (because we don´t even have perpetual sentence). And I know that the criminal will get out being even worst than when he did the crime, that´s the problem.
Maybe death penalty is too severe, but perpetual sentence it´s a good solution.
Actually a lot of things would have to change in the brazilian situation, starting with the prisions itselfes: criminals should work in jail, they have to stop commanding the traffic from there, etc.

3:15 PM  

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