Friday, September 29, 2006

Death Penalty - Malaysia

Well... I'm posting this with my limited knowledge. I'm just posting it from my perspective.

It's rare to hear death penalty in Malaysia. You might heard of death penalty in Singapore before where they sentenced an Australian because of drug smuggling a while back that caused a stir in the media. Also in Indonesia, the Bali Nine case. So far, I had not heard any from my own country. However, bringing in drugs to Asia is a big NO NO, you can easily be slapped with death penalty if you are that "lucky".

I heard that our prison is over crowed now. Crimes are increasing nowadays. Everyday snatch thieves; everyday pick pockets; everyday rape cases; almost always see murder cases in newspapers lately. It's so sad. These criminals got caught wouldn't be executed, I mean for murder cases. Since there are different degrees of murder, some will end up with death penalty, some don't. Even with these, with the loopholes in the laws, one can easily escape from being sentence a death sentence.

We, as civilians always hope that those murderers will get a death sentence especially those that "rape and kill", "rob and kill", "snatch and kill(e.g they snatch a woman necklace and she fell down, knock her head, comatose then die)". Sadly, they don't get this punishment with a few twists here and there and they are spare from death sentence.

It's sad that these things happen nowadays. The used to be a peaceful place is no more that safe anymore. Everyone is worry about their own safety. I'm quite worry and paranoia when I'm out there on the street. Thank God, I'm OK so far, nothing happen to me.

Anyway, I hope this will not turn foreigners off too visit my country. With this post, I might get flame by people from my country because they will think that I'm painting a bad picture of my country but this topic is a very hot topic everywhere in the coffee shops, streets, forums etc. even if I don't talk about it, it's everywhere in the WWW especially those local forums, local online newspapers and even bloggers are talking about it, so it's never a secret.*PEACE*

~~~Posted by, Sweet Surrender~~~


Blogger Jock said...

Irene, that was a great post.
And be sure that you won´t get flamed by people from your country. If so, we´ll defend you!
You´re just telling how the things are, and we can see that it´s not that different from other countries.
In Brazil, when we have an international meeting for example, they hide a lot of bad things from the world. They even make an agreement with the command of the traffic from the favelas, a "peace agreement" for a little time. When the meeting ends, all back to normal.
Why we never had a world cup here in the last 40 years? And olimpics? Besides all the infrastructure points, we have the violence.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Irene said...

Jock :) I hope they will not flame me. I sometimes got flamed by just posting some innocent topics. Ah... What to do? Everyone has different views and they are entitled to it, can't blame them too. Thanks for the compliment. Will be coming out with another post soon.

3:53 PM  

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