Thursday, September 28, 2006

Death Penalty - Mexico

In Mexico the situation is so similar to Venezuela and Brazil that is scary. Indeed prisions are overcrowded, there is no death penalty and the system has so many holes and contradictions in it that it's sometimes almost imposible to put someone in jail. Particularly, if this "one" is a "powerful one".

See? So you get the small fish in jail and the big fish are still out creating the proper situations for crime in large scale. Here I'm talking about drug traffic, and some other organized mafias.

I used to belive that death penalty might be an option. Eventually as I got a little more of spiritual insight I got to the point where it seems to me that indeed if we go "and eye for and eye" in the end we will be nothing but blinded people.

It might sound weird, but after all, the probable solution for crime is not in the punishment but in creating the conditions for the development of a healthy society. Of course , this can't take place as long as we keep ignoring our spiritual selfs and leaving spirituality to religious and esoteric practices. If we keep ignoring this, we will continue seeing and thinking of ourselves as incomplete beings. An incomplete being can't expect a healthy, and fully alive being who takes care of himself ( herself) and of the world he/she lives in.

Writen by Edmeé


Blogger Jock said...


Patricio (member from Argentina) haven´t post yet, but tt seems that the situation is the same in all latin america. You´re right, the perfect thing is to create conditions and build a society with conscious people!

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