Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Famous People - Germany

Germans spread all over the world but while creating some lists of famous German people I have to admit that there is only a small amount of Germans who are really internationally known. Interestingly despite our strong image of our economy I could not name one industrialist I expect you to know. But there are a lot of sportive people who made a lot of money and received a lot of reputation growing up in Germany.

Famous Sportsmen (and Women):

Since Germany is one of the most successful counties when it comes to Olympic Games or World Championships in a lot of sports it's quite astonishing than the some well known sportsmen have never won any of these.

1. Michael Schumacher
2. Dirk Nowitzki
3. Michael Ballack
3b. Oliver Kahn
4. Boris Becker
5. Steffi Graf

Famous Musicians:

You know the great German history of creating some of the world's most impressing compositions (think about Beethoven, Mozart, J.S. Bach, and so on), forget all of this. I guess all most of you know of actual German music is:

1. Rammstein
2. The Scorpions
3. Kraftwerk
and maybe
4. Sarah Connor (no, not the wife of Terminator)

In fact, we listen to none of these for quite a while. Instead there are a lot of German music group dmoinating our music scene, which makes it hardly understandable - and i don't mean the German language alone. But if someone is really interested in German Musik, he should try one of these:

1. Herbert Grönemeyer (Pop)
2. Wir sind Helden (Pop)
3. Die Ärzte (Pop-Punk)
4. Tocotronic (Post-Punk we call it "Hamburger Schule")
5. Seeed (Dancehall-Reggae)

Other Famous People:

Not long ago I spoke to some Polish people and when it came to famous people from Poland besides Adam Malisz the Pope was most popular. What should I say: "Wir sind Papst!" ("We are Pope!") our national tabloid wrote.

1. The Pope
2. Günter Grass (Literature Nobel Prize Winner)
3. Angela Merkel
4. Franz Beckenbauer (for he is not active anymore)
5. Jürgen Klinsmann
6. Siegfried and Roy (Viva las Vegas!)
7. Claudia Schiffer
8. Heidi Klum

I think I'm still quite biased due to the football WC this summer.


Blogger H-A said...

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Blogger Desiree said...

Germany has put out some very godo athletes... and we all have heard of the POPE... probably one of the planets most known about humans, not that we all know much about him, but we of his existance, anyway.

Siegfried and Roy , Claudia Schiffer
and Heidi Klum are very recognizable names too.

11:51 PM  

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