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Famous People - Japan

I introduce famous people in Japan,

Politics: Shinzo Abe

The Chief Cabinet Secretary, Shinzo Abe was elected for the Liberal Democratic Party President on September 19th. He competed with 2 rivals; Taro Asou, Foreign Minister and Sadakazu Tanigaki, the Minister of Finance.

Now, Shinzo became the minimus Liberal Democratic Party President and Prime minister in Japanese history at 51 years old. September 20th is his birthday, so he turned 52 years old now. Besides, he is the first LDP President who was born after World War Ⅱ.It was no wonder for Japanese people that Shinzo was elected because of full popularity.

This is not known well in Japan, but Shinzo is what is called “sarabret of political world”There are so many outstanding relatives in his family tree. Starting with Toshimichi Okubo who appears on Japanese textbook, there are Shigeru Yoshida who was 45th-51st Prime Minister, Nobusuke Kishi who was also 56th and 57th Prime Minister, Eisaku Sato who was 61st-63rd prime minister and other relatives who were politicians.

Especially, Eisaku Sato corresponds to the great-uncle for Shinzo, Kishi Nobusuke is Shinzo’s grand father, and his father was also a politician.Moreover, Taro Asou who was a rival of Shinzo at party race has Shigeru Yoshida as his grand father. It is getting confusing, but this means that Shinzo and Asou are relatives.

Music: Angela Aki

I am into Angela Aki’s songs recently. She has great gentle voice and dynamic piano performance which surely fascinate people’s feeling. Her songs permeate through one’s mind naturally.Her first album “Home” is high in the charts in Japan. This album contains Angela’s various desires which bring her to music since when she decide to be a singer. Although I went to 5 CD stores to buy her CD, they are sold out.

Angela Aki was born in 1977 between Japanese father and Italian American mother. She started playing piano when she was 3 years old, and lived in Tokushima and Okayama prefecture until she graduated from her junior high school. Angela moved to Hawaii when she was 15 years old and graduated university in Washington D.C.When she was a university student, she went to a live concert of Sarah McLachlan. She was absolutely impressed by Sarah’s music, and she noticed this is what she wants to do. She felt “I was born to sing” at the concert. After that she started to keep singing since she couldn’t forget the impression she felt at Sarah’s concert. She struggled with many things surrounding her. Sometimes she was said “mixed parentage singer won’t be a hit” or “you are too old to debut as a singer”, and she was refused to listen to her demo tapes.After ten years since Angela’s challenge, she finally produced her original album “Home”.

She comments on her blog “It is close to miracle for me my album is sold in stores. I was right to follow my decision.”In her album, there is my most favorite song, “Kiss Me Good-bye”. This song is used in Final Fantasy xii as its theme song. There are two versions in this song, in Japanese and English. You can listen to her beautiful song from here.

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Blogger Desiree said...

So Angela was inspired by Sarah? Great! I must find some of her music (Angelas) to listen to!

12:51 PM  
Blogger kayanon said...

Yes, she was inspired by Sarah. You will like Angela's song!

6:08 AM  

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