Sunday, October 01, 2006

Famous People - Lithuania

We have started our "One at all" project with discussion about the death penalty. However, while death penalty violates human rights and consequently contributes to the growth of crime, the famous people in our land serve as the best remedy of all disasters. Their example comforts us, supports and encourages not to lose hands but to share the love with all around. I am happy to tell you about such person now. I am going to present the person I know the best. She is my wife and her name is Elzbieta. You can find her photo on my web page at I am happy to repeat the words that I have said there then.

Dear Elzyte, thank you for who you are and allowing me to be me.All the flowers of the world mirror you and are yours. In essence, not I but you are the author of all my pictures.I am only the grateful mirror of your beautiful soul, so filled with incredible patience, love and forgiveness.Thank you for you helped me to recognize the true Light.

On the 13th of October I am going to have an exposition of my pictures. It would be already the 52 my personal show. I will expose my new pictures there, but the essence will be the same. So to say, the eternities didn’t change and that is the secret of our power.


Blogger Jock said...

Hello Tomas,

Your work is great! Fantastic!
Is Elzbieta famous in Lithuania? That´s great!
We are very curious about the famous people from there!

By the way, my birthday is on 13th october! :)



7:16 PM  
Blogger Tomas said...

Dear Diego,
Thank you for the nice feedback concerning my picture. Lots of other works rest in the archives of my blog “Captain’s Bridge” . I hope you will enjoy them too.
You asked me, is Elzbieta famous in Lithuania.
I don’t want to judge incorrectly, but I hope you will grasp me right. Please have a look.

The famous man is a person with whom I am talking at the moment, and so Diego Jock represent Brazil the best way possible now. Thank you for the chatter.
We are used to hold in respect the worldwide known names and even are proud of them; however, such bibliography gives just the information that produces nothing in essence. In our case, everything is otherwise. While writing to you, the walls of my tiny shelter unclosed widely and we both appeared in a hug of brotherhood in spite of the huge distance between our countries.
Nothing can be more desirable, and I hearty rejoice at the meeting with the most famous man of Brazil.

Though that’s the truth, yet all above is just a hint at what I have in the heart for answering your question, is Elzbieta famous in Lithuania.
In any case, my mother-in-law has no doubts regarding that. Elzbieta is her daughter, and our visits comfort her the most. As you see, not I alone greatly appreciate this humble woman, who is the mother of two my children.

5:30 AM  

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