Monday, October 02, 2006

Famous people - Lithuania

My dear All at One,
As I log in our groupblog, the cheerfulness of your posts touches my heart and I sense myself overfilled via email with the incredible warmth that is hard to describe in the human words. THANK YOU!
The sense of needlessness disappears immediately and the heavy twilight of my shelter becomes magically removed. Thus the furthest spots of the earth become the loveliest seat at my fireplace.

In other words, our hearts have joined in bridging our countries through the better understanding of each other. Is it not a miracle?
Thank you. I am proud to name you my dearest friends.
Now let me share one picture with you. Though it was created already some time ago, but while writing this letter, I recognize the same spiritual light that didn’t stop at any concrete shape but overfills everything around and gifts us the wings.

While welcoming other, we discover ourselves. So to say, the outcome from the famous “to be or not to be” appears in a shifting from self to other.
This is the first step towards the victory over the disasters that afflict us. It is like a dawn that defeats the darkness around.
Let our blog becomes that magical candle.


Anonymous Irene said...

Hello Tomas, you did the artworks? It's beautiful!!!

4:43 AM  

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