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Famous People - Malaysia

I don't know and never bump into any famous people in Malaysia in person. I'm going to introduce some people mostly celebraties that have made their name outside of Malaysia, I think there are more but I don't know much, I'm not practicing any favourtism here, I'm just posting about whoever that had crossed my mind first. I'm not really into latest gossips or whatever. So will only give you some brief introductions(main reference source is Wiki).

Michelle Yeoh (Actress)
Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1997. She starred in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and garnered considerable praise as one of the genre's most popular Bond Girls. In early 2005, Michelle finished the shooting of Memoirs of a Geisha, a Hollywood produced ensemble drama based on a story of Japanese geisha. The film was released on December 9, 2005

Lina Teoh (Miss World 1998/99, second runner up, actress, host, model)
Started modeling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Then continued to further her career by traveling to several other Asian countries in the region; including Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. She had hosted a 26 episode / 260 interstitial television show called “Watch – U – Want“ for Channel [V] Asia. The series aired throughout all South Eastern Asian countries. Also hosted a 5-episode program for CNBC Asia, focusing on adventure sports throughout Malaysia.

Siti Nurhaliza (Singer)
She is currently one of the most successful Malaysian singers. To date, she has gathered more than 100 awards. Siti held a successful solo concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London in April 2005, although the majority of the audience were Malaysians living in the United Kingdom and Malaysians who had travelled to see the concert. In response to her successful performance, Siti was acclaimed as "Asia's Celine Dion". She has lots of fans in Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore too.

Nicholas Teo (Singer/actor)
He is doing well in China and Taiwan besides Malaysia and rapidly gaining popularity. Nicholas Teo made his fame in Malaysia by winning a talent quest singing contest.

Amber Chia (Model/Brand Ambassador/Actress)
The winner of Guess Timeless Beauty Contest to represent the line of Guess watches on April 18, 2004 in Switzerland.

Penny Tai (singer/songwriter)
Her most popular song to date internationally was the end theme for the Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden" and "Meteor Garden 2" entitled Ni Yao De Ai (The Love You Want).

Nicole David (Squash player)
The first Malaysian to win the prestigious British Open Squash tournament.


Ok... I think it's enough of these introductions. How about yourself? Are you famous in your own community? As for myself... Hmmm... Partially I guees *LOL* people here know me from my blog and some of my readers actually manage to locate my living place. Furthermore, Kuching is small and practically everyone seemed to know each other. Therefore I find that sometimes I have to becareful with what I'm doing in public else who knows I'll end up in some local blogs especially those popular bloggers' showing my stupid photos or whatever for the world to see -_-" and got famous overnight becuase of those photos? *LOL* *cross my fingers, I hope no one stalks me*

We have some local bloggers that had made their name known all over the world and can get hundreds of comments in a few hours time in their blog and also got to review products for some companies. I'm not going to post their blog links here anyway, if you are interested you can google them, their blog rank quite high in search engines :) *HINT-keyword: malaysian bloggers*

By the way, I wonder... How did Jock find me? :P Since there are tonnes of bloggers from Malaysia that are so popular yet I got picked for this project. I'm so lucky!!! *YIPPIE!! jumping up and down^_^*

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Anonymous GimpFM said...

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12:44 PM  
Blogger Desiree said...

I must admit that I was not familliar with any of these people - unfortunately, it seems to take some major notoriety for us in North America to here of some people from smaller countries. I appreciate the exposure that you are giving us of your 'famous'!

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Irene said...

Desiree, I'm aware of that that most people don't know them expecially those from outside of Asia. That is why I'm sharing it here. Since it's about famous people and I'm representing Malaysia, I can't post about Clinton or Bush or Celine Dion as they are not Malaysian. At least these are some of the people that have making a name for themselves out of Malaysia that might not reach till North America but still have make a name in other countries. :)

This project gives us the opportunity to know and share the cultures/scenarios etc. of different countries, it's really a good one. Keep up the good job!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Neo said...

Irene, you are one of the most famous blogger from Malaysia. Congrats!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Irene said...

*BLUSH* I don't think I am hahahah... Just plain lucky that someone recommended me to Jock.

3:26 PM  

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