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Famous People - United States

Famous people by definition are "celebrated, widely known, esteemed" as described by Wordnet. Famousness in and of it self does not constitute human worth though. If I am speaking as an American in America (which I, duh) I guess the most famous people would be

1. President Bush
2. Oprah
3. Bill Gates
4. HOT celebrity du might be Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Madonna.....we are a fickle people. Just imagine whom ever is going through the worst personal crisis and if they have a sex tape out or not---that would be #4.
5. Donald Trump

As you can see by this list it is mostly made up of people who do imagninary kinds of things for a living like entertainment or are just super rich. I think the top of our list is famous for many things but depending on what side of the fence you perch those points would differ.

I think events are just as famous as people and our country recently went through one. From the perception of an American the most famous events might be local or global as we percieve ourselves to be the most powerful nation in the world therefore we own the rights to other nations events as well.

1. 9/11 (so significant that it doesn't have letters/words for a title)
2. Columbine
3. Oklahoma City Bombing
4. Hurricane Katrina
5. Tsunami in South East Asia

Here in America we like gore and blood and guts so serial killers and crime get really famous too. Women who loose their minds and kill people or mame them also get a lot of attention. There are numerous television shows about true crime, imaginary crime, imaginary crime based on real events, actual arrests and busts by COPS, the most wanted people in America and the ebiquitos Movie of the Week or Lifetime Movie Special. The people they are based on range widely but in order for them to become famous there is usually some kind of hook that reals in the peoples interest.

1. Jeffery Dalmer
2. Ted Kaczynski
3. John Wayne Gsy
4. Lorena Bobbitt
5. Andrea Yates

Celebrity in the United States is a very strange thing. Television has made many ordinary people famous for either doing stupid things or for brave acts of kindness. The evil ones usually get more attention and last longer on the evening news but around the holidays everyone loves a "hooker with a heart of gold" type of story.

1. William Hung
2. Terri Hatcher
3. Princess Diana
4. Winners of Survivor
5. All the Bachelors and Bachlorettes on those The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows

Celebrity is a tenuious thing here in the United States. If you don't recognize the persons name or why they might be are not from the USA. The people that really count in our country are our Teachers, Law Makers/Politicians--Local Level, the Garbage Man, The Bus Driver, The Bank Teller and all of the people who do what they do so that slobs like me can live a nice life. No one is ever famous for doing something ordinary and necassary.

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Blogger Tomas said...

I have red your topic with great interest. You end it with a definition what it means to be from the USA. I haven’t the right to talk in a name of all Lithuania, however, let me question you. Does the ordinary love of your neighbor is less important than the temporal publicity? What about the eternities?
While talking with a person, I never ask who is he, but try to listen what he says to me.
Our countries differ in size greatly. USA is indeed the most powerful nation in the world today. However, what does that mean?
You are writing, “therefore we own the rights to other nations events as well”.
An elephant is heavyweight any bird for sure, but does it means though any?
We are great not in a power of our physical strength but in our ability to recognize ourselves in the weakest of our earth. Then a miracle happens and we grew in Spirit and the human oneness becomes the reality and we all rejoice at the same sky. However, in case you talk about “the rights to other nations events” you ignore the free will of other. In conclusion, we become eyewitnesses of the ordinary occupation then.
I am sorry for these rough words. I know personally some Americans and they are my best friends. I hope we too will address each other by name soon.

7:02 AM  
Blogger cole edwards said...

Well Tomas...before I begin to answer your questions I wanted to tell you that I also am Lithuanian and an Aries. Funny.

I can not speak for all of America only my personal opinion and observations of the media and how it affects us here in the USA.

Personally I do not believe in god and it seems that is who you are refereing to by the "miracles, rejoicing and spirit" wordage used. I think people in the USA believe in god so they themselves will feel saved, rescued and absolved from any wrong doing when you die. As I talked about in my last post, there are many religious people who firmly believe in the death penalty but think abortion is murder.

It is all about justification in the untied states. IF you can justify what you believe and you can get others to say you are right, then you can do what you want. Witness our current government....they are doing all kinds of things that are illegal and evil, but they are busy getting politicans to pass laws that say it is okay retroactively.

You are very philosophical Tomas and I think that is interesting. I am not spiritual though. There is no god, when you die, that is it, you are just dead. SO, I concern myself with living a good life and try to fit in as much love, friendship, good will, charity, forgivenness that I can.

I am sure we will be friends. I have already called you by name.xxoo

11:44 AM  
Blogger Desiree said...

There certainly is wide-spread 'fame' in the US, for many different reasons... and with many reality tv shows popping up the 'celebrity' count is on the rise, albeit temporary.

You did take an interesting view on this subject given the variety of people that your country does have to offer. AS well, I must agree that events (and places) have their own 'fame' as well.

12:35 PM  

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