Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Importance of my Country to the World: Sweden

I think that Sweden could make a change regarding gender equality in the world. Sweden is today one of the most gender equal country in the world, but still not equal enough. Women earn for example less money than men, despite equal performance of a job. Women are still also in charge for almost all the domestic work, despite an equal gainful employment as their men. Several men still believe that they are superior woman and see them as their possessions to beat or rape whenever they want.

My country does make gender inequality visible and many political parties work to make a change (for exemple Feminist Initiative). The new elected government has several items on their agenda to improve gender equality. One of the big changes is going to make the everyday life work for families easier through lowering the taxes on domestic services. The new government also wants to prevent men’s domestic violence towards women, develop the plan against prostitution/human trade and increase women’s enterprising.

I believe that Sweden can set a good example around the world and make a better living for numerous women. Equal opportunities, obligations and human rights for both men and women should be a human right. Women’s rights are: 0 % domestic violence, 50 % domestic work and 100 % salary.


Anonymous Jennie said...

Well written Lina, proud to know you!! :)

10:14 AM  
Blogger Aurora said...

Thank you darling! Svårt med gymnasieengelskan ;)

11:08 AM  

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