Friday, October 13, 2006

The importance of my country to the world

We are all interconnected in some way or another, and just like fingers in one hand, we are all different and equally important even if sometimes is not that obvious to the naked aye, that's why we want to know:

What's the importance of your country to the world or continent or region? What would happen if your country wouldn't exist?

We hope you can tell us, because we don't know ;)

We had 4 votes for two answers, so we decided to "The importance of my country to the world" because the previous one was soft and lighter, now we can have a tougher one!

Poll Results

What should be our next subject?
  • Healthcare system 17% (4 votes)
  • Places you should know 25% (6 votes)
  • Short history of my country 17% (4 votes)
  • The importance of my country to the world 25% (6 votes)
  • Other 17% (4 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 24


Anonymous Irene said...

-_-" I don't know too :P

9:12 AM  

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