Monday, October 16, 2006

The importance of my country to the world - Kenya

If we look back in history, Kenya was part of an important trade route for the arabs and portuguese. VascoDaGama made frequent stops along the coastal towns of Kenya. There is a pillar in the coastal town Malindi erected by VascoDaGama himself. Being the fastest developing nation in East Africa, it kind of controls the economy of the region. Mombasa is the main and busiest port in East Africa. Uganda (kenya's neighbour on the west) being a landlock country is serviced by Mombasa Port. The British built the great Kenya-Uganda railway specially to transport goods from the Mombasa port to Uganda so basically we can say Uganda's economy is more or less controlled by Kenya if you look at it from that point of view.

Kenya is also considered a beacon of peace in Africa. It has helped alot of neighbouring countries to solve their disputes example Somalia, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.

What mainly puts Kenya on the map is Safari. Mostly people do not know that Safari is actually a swahili(kenyan language) word meaning adventure/travel. One of the Africas largest Game Reserves, Tsavo National Park, is found in Kenya.

Next time you walk into a coffee franchise like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (my fav), ask for a cup of Kenyan AA grade coffee. Kenya is one of the worlds main supplier of Arabica coffee and Highland Tea.

Kenya might not be significant to the world (after all its just a small nation in the dark continent) but it is a very important part of Africa. The British left South Africa as a developed nation but we had to built the nation with our own hardwork and am proud to say that we are now a fast developing nation.


Blogger Desiree said...

Munak, thank you for this education - I really have little knowledge about Kenya, so it is great that you are hear being a teacher for us all around the world!

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