Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The importance of my country to the world - Germany

Actually I'm quite sad about how Germany performs being important to the world. I could number out a lot of inventions from the past starting with book printing, reformation, enlightment and the automobile construction. But in the end Germany missed a great chance to make the world a better place.

After the two big catastrophies in the 20th century the devided Germany has had an economical boost which stood in no relation to its moral standards. But 50 years later they were diplomatically well respected although they even then had some bad decisions made. We should have never again re-armamented our country, but the US told us to in the cold war. We should have stayed in a politically neutral position when it came to cold war questions and stay out of NATO (not alone for the perspective of re-unification which actually was strongly prevented by the politics of West-Germany), but our conservative party (CDU) then wanted us to westernize ("Westbindung") ourselves. And since the nineties we even send military forces abroad: first to Yugoslavia (for those whom remember this country as it once was), then to Afghanistan, now to Lebanon. And sending military forces abroad was the least thing we wanted to do in the late fourties and further on.

Therefore we missed the chance to be the ultimate mediator in any kind of international conflicts. Although in many international conflicts Germany nevertheless is. But in the end sending more and more troops abroad is not implicitly a sign of world power. I think Germany missed a great chance to set up itself as a pacification power, who then would have really deserved a permanent seat in the high council of the UN.

Still, sticking to the topic again, I assure you all that most Germans are aware of their responsibility to establish and preserve a remembering culture ("Erinnerungskultur") and a constant discourse on the unpeaceful Europe in the past and on how to obtain peace to Europe and world. There are a lot of monuments and the education system will always use this topic to create a land of humility with nationalism and chauvinism absence. And we hope to be a role model for one or the other aspect of our way today.


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