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Places you should know - Brazil

Brazil is a huge country, one of the biggest countries in the world in territorial area. And because of its continental proportions it has all kinds of places, from very cold to extremely hot.

On the north-east of the country, in a state called Bahia, at Salvador, we have a great place called Pelourinho. Pelourinho is cited as part of the national historic patrimony and named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Pelourinho means "place to lash the slavors". During many years the slavors used to be lashed in this place. In the end of the slavery in Brazil in 1835, Pelourinho started to call attention of all sort of artists, specially regarding cinema, music and painting, what turned the place into a rich cultural centre. It´s a fantastic place to know. In 1991 started a great restoration of Pelourinho.

Bellow we have a place called "Mercado Modelo" (yellow building), it was a place to sell slaves. We´re pretty glad that this place is still there, so we can study, view, analises to don´t do all this barbaries anymore.

The other great and famous place in Brazil is Brasília, the capital of our country. Brasilia is the result of a modern urban project designed by Lúcio Costa. If seen from above, the city’s pilot plan resembles the shape of an airplane – many prefer to refer to it as a bird with open wings –, although the architect’s original urban concept appointed to the shape of a cross, to symbolize possession.

Cathedral of Brasília, Brazil, designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

Parliament Building, designed by Oscar Niemeyer

For who is catholic, located in the valley of the Paraíba River, in the East of the State of São Paulo, on Aparecida do Norte town, the "Our Lady of Conception Aparecida" is the second biggest Catholic Church in the world, 2 inch less than Saint Peter Basilic in Vatican City. It attracts millions of pilgrims from all corners of the country all year round. Brazil is the country with bigger number of catholic in the world.
It´s 15 minutes to the city where my mother and brother lives! :)

Picture from

Another great place, which is where my girlfriend came from, is called Belém. Situated in the Guajará bay, on the estuary of the Rivers Tocantins and Pará, the city began as a river port in 1616, immediately after the French were driven out of São Luís, the capital of the state of Maranhão.
Belém's historic buildings reflect cultural traces of the seventeenth century.These buildings include the City Market for meat and the Iron Market for fish. Around the markets is the quayside Ver-o-Peso market. The name "Ver-O-Peso" means "Check Out the Weight"; this is because a few decades ago all products sold were weighted on the spot, in manual balances, and the buyer wanted to check out the weight, to avoid frauds.
Belém market Tied up at the quay are picturesque fishing boats and canoes that unload a variety of products each day, from indigenous ceramic articles to herbs and aromatic roots from Amazonia.

When the second Sunday of October arrives, we can witness a true act of love and faith. At the Círio de Nazaré you can be enchanted with the people´s devotion, something that touches the whole world.

More than one million people participate in the Our Lady of Nazareth procession, considered to be one of the largest in the Catholic world. More information here.

I don´t think I need to explain where this one is! :)

There´s a lot more in our country. Ecological tourism, we have Amazonia, a lot of State Parks, big cities, etc. More information on the Brazilian Site of Tourism.
Please take a look!


Blogger Michael Carøe Andersen said...

I want to go to Brazil one day. The project of Brasília has always fascinated me. Have you been there and what do you think of the place - and the architecture?

12:26 AM  
Blogger Jock said...

I´ve been there last year, but just to a flight conexion, so I didn´t get out of the airpot.
But the city, view from the top, looks like a mockup, it´s incredible.
This city was build in a different way. On the majority of the times the city grows without any order. Brasília was first projected, marked, layouted and then the people arrived.
So its limited by large areas. It´s not like São Paulo, or any big city, that on a block you have industry, commerce, restaurant, houses, etc. There have all area delimited. Themilitary area, the restaurants area, houses, industries, commerce, etc.

It´s strange! :)

12:45 PM  
Blogger Rebelde said...

Although I enjoy nature I'm not exactly an outdoor kind of guy, I rather be in a big city and that's something that Brazil has... It's be great to go to the famous beaches and dance in the Sambodromo

10:19 PM  

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