Saturday, October 28, 2006

Places you should know: Lithuania

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The Baltic See looks as a tiny spot on a world map and Lithuania that nestled up to its shore looks as a tiny newborn at the chest of his mother. It is so according to dry stats, but everything looks differently in the reality. Now Lithuania is preparing to celebrate a millenary in commemoration of her name’s appearance in world’s history documents. Just few years are remaining. In the light of that fact Lithuanian littleness obtains a smell of heady mystery and lots of legends awake and the archeology laughs at scientists who edit their words according to political demands of a day.
The conformation of Lithuania is also amazing. All geographical forms are present in this footprint. There are lots of lakes and rivers. There are heady uplands and mysterious everglades, lots of forests and the mysterious mounds as well as the eloquent silence of the infinite churchyards.
I would say that we can recognize the tracks of all styles of world architecture in Lithuania and can literally taste the culture of whole world here.

In short, you have to choose. You can either glimpse at encyclopedias that are in plentitude on a web and grasp a little or come to my country and eyewitness the story that is reported in fairy tales. As you recall, noble knights lay down on the earth of precious homeland for recovering of wounds and retrieving the magical power of a smile


Blogger Analia said...

Nice places! Though you should also know Uruguay! Thanks

2:16 AM  
Blogger Clare said...

You make your country sound very magical -- I should like to visit. And I should like to read the story of the knights who recovered from their wounds by lying on the earth of their homeland.

10:39 PM  

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