Saturday, October 28, 2006

Places you should know - Venezuela

My country is certainly not one of the largest in the planet but it's still pretty big and one of our better qualities is the variety of our geography. Even when most of the people find it awfully expensive to travel, we have a few places I'd like to show you.

First, Los Roques. It's a set of 50 islands at the north of the country, in the Caribbean Sea, you can't find water more clear anywhere else in the planet, just picture yourself walking along side the beach or just being lazy in a boat, floating above blue water and under Caribbean sun, enjoying life as God wanted it to be, and what better way to end your day than a candle light lobster dinner with your significant other in Los Roques. Most of the people take 2 or 3 days tour and stay in one of the small hotels they have there... but I wouldn't know, because it'd cost about a month of my salary to spend 2 days there, so if you go, show me the pictures.

Speaking about expensive places, enter La Gran Sabana and Angel Falls. That'd be south of the country, close to a small place people call Brazil. This is the region for you if you are into rain forest because it's made of 75.000 Km2 of nature at its best, with all those rivers and the tepuis you will feel the greatness of Mother Nature and you will be fascinated with the stories and leyends about its creation, since it's one of the oldest formations in the planet. No wonder why the highest fall in the world is there. With 979 meters high, Angel Falls was discovered by Jimmy Angel in 1933, and just like that monster fall was a secret to the world until not so long ago, it's accepted that this jungle still has many secrets such as undiscovered species of animals and plants. But don't worry, you don't have to be Tarzan to survive here, all you need is call a travel agency, book a room and a guided tour and after experiencing a boat travel through the river and a walk in the rain forest, you can head back to the hotel, sip some booze and sleep in your air conditioned room.

Again, too expensive for me... or maybe I'm just broke. Anyways, moving on.
If you were here I'd take you to Morrocoy National Park, which is another set of islands with clear blue water, white sands and almost no waves. There you can sleep in a tent, stay at one of the many hotels and play casino at night, or just spend the day and head back home as many people do, since it's a lot of fun to drink some beers by the beach while you check the girls out (or guys, if you are into that) and soak the old bones in salty water.

Whatever you like, we probably have a spot for you here, so if you feel curious about coming over, just let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.


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Uh, Los Roques mustbe amazing!!

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