Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Strange Food - Canada

Canada has a vast array of foods that are 'favorites' ... and strange? Well, to some people I guess. We are a country that is a mix of many nations ... so you can find pretty much anything here. Foods that are our own? I am having some trouble thinking of them. I'll try and take a trip across our country defining some foods to represent various parts of the country.

Starting off in the east coast the Newfoundlanders eat something called Fish & Brewis (pictured to the left of this text.)

Then in New Brunswick I guess they gather Dulse which is a seaweed that is dried and eaten and also used as Medicine. I did try Dulse more than once, as I worked with some Easterners when I lived up North in Fort McMurray. It is pictured to the right, and the taste... well, like sea weed! It is salty, and chewy.

Maple Syrup is eaten across the country, though it is mainly gathered from Maple trees in Quebec. It is used mainly on Pancakes and Waffles - but does find it's way in to many other recipes.

Moving along ... no, wait a minute ... there is another food that I think is more-so from Quebec, but we enjoy it all the way across the country - that would be Poutine which is fries with cheese curds spread over it then gravy to top it off. This is one food that my family has come to love when at a ski-lodge for a day of skiing. Not at all a healthy meal, but very yummy!

OKAY, time to head a bit west to Saskatchewan where Saskatoon Berrys grow. They make a pie that is not really too strange, though, to many parts of the world it may not be known, it is the Saskatoon pie. Mmm.. this is a delicious one, my palate sure enjoys it!

In Alberta we grow and love our Beef. There are so many ways to enjoy it, Prime Rib is a big hit in many many restaurants across Alberta. Here is a variety of recipes to choose from.

And in British Columbia there is Salmon, to cook on a cedar plank. This is a very good food... not necessarily strange. Seems to me (living in the west) that Canada's strangest foods are out east!

-Posted by Desiree


Anonymous Irene said...

Wow... They looked delicious... I'm hungry again... Haven't eaten any pancakes for ages especially with maple syrup. The beef... yummy...

8:59 AM  
Blogger cole edwards said...

I could literally KILL for those fries with gravy and cheese curds. THey have that here in USA in the North Midwest. The states nearish to you all.

mmmmm. gravy.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Desiree said...

Well, Irene & cole... I'd love to share it with you! Irene, I'll have a pancake with maple syrup for you this weekend, and Cole you may just have to make this at home yourself!

4:42 AM  

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