Saturday, October 07, 2006

Strange food - Lithuania

... You see a fruit that didn't grow in Lithuania on my table and it's no wonder. I have brought this "nut" not from a trip around the world, but from the shop that is located just across the street.
In other words, today it is hard to talk about any "national dishes". Our kitchens became international, and thus the talking about some "specific" shift from what we are indeed eating to the ethnography.

I am used to have a cup of coffee without any sugar. However, other does that otherwise and the few didn't drink coffee at all. Our tastes differ between, but we all live in one house and are good neighbors.
In other words, the epithet "national dish" says nothing in essence. There is no such dish that could be valued alike by all people. Thus I can talk about "Cepelinai", but I haven't the right to name them the symbol of Lithuanian kitchen.

In spite of that, there are some spices that are honored by all people the same way. It isn't sugar or salt. It is our love. Yes, you hear me right. No matter what will be cooked concretely, the taste will depend on the love. The love is inescapable gradient of every single dish. We may cook either with love or out of duty. And consequently, what we will prepare will be either the delicious or just something to eat.

Is the spice that was mentioned above the Lithuanian?

Of course, it is not just our feature. It is the universal truth. While talking about Lithuanian kitchen, I observe just one "specific". The canned goods are not popular here.
However, this statement should be used with some precaution. The spread of the quick food eateries didn't leave Lithuania somewhere aside, but influenced our morality the same way as it has done everywhere else in the world. As you know the fairy tales awake everywhere in the world but does that only at midnight. Did you questioned yourself, why it is so?

A good menu is a good thing, but I am rejoicing at our sitting together at the table, but not at my plate.
We face lots of changes on every step of our walk, but joy to serve our guests with what we have the best at the moment remains the same, and I am proud to partake in this "habit". Lithuanians are used to visit each other without any special need for that and to do this at any time of the year...
Bringing some gifts to the mistress of the house we visit is typical in Lithuania. I think that this is symbolical too. Every single day that we knock at the door of other, we become the participants of the greatest feast that ever was held on the earth.
What matters indeed is our spiritual attitude towards the life and our neighbor. That gives taste to all that we experience.


Blogger cole edwards said...

My dads family is lithuanian. I love the potato pancakes they make, the stuffed cabbage leaves with sauce, the kashie? that stuffing with crackers. My grandfather was a great cook.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

I loved Zeppelinaj or however they are written. Amazing.

1:37 PM  

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