Sunday, October 29, 2006

Words you should know in my country: Sweden

I think that the people in Sweden is seen as very stressful, uninpressed and correct, but also as very polite, independent and pleasant. The most of the swedes is also very fashion conscious, liberated and aware of the importance of equality.

When you go to my country there is a lots of words and phrases that you shold know! The blue words are typical everyday phrases, the green words are typical swedish words or of great impostance and the purple words are a little bit dirty or bad... Here are my examples of swedish words:

Hej! = Hello!

Tack så mycket. = Thank you very much.

Hur mår du? = How are you doing?

Bra/dåligt = Good/bad

Vilket busväder! = Such an awful weather!

Vilket strålande väder! = Such a beautiful weather!

Hej då. = Good bye.

Vardagspussel = the everyday puzzle (A nanny makes the pieces of the everyday puzzle fit together for a big family with hardworking parents.)

GI-banta = GI-diet (He lost much weight with the GI-diet. GI= Glycemic Index)

Hålfotsinlägg = arch support (Her feet where hurting and for that reason she bought arch supports.)

Korvgubbe = hot-dog vendor

Arbetslöshet = unemployment

Tacobuffé = taco buffet

Friluftsliv = outdoor life

Jag skiter i det. = I don't give a shit.

Jäklar! = damn it!

Du är sexig = You are sexy

Jag är kåt = I am horny

Vill du älska? = Do you wanna make love?

Jag älskar dig = I love you


Blogger Michael Carøe Andersen said...

Swedish just sound straight up sexig - I love Swedish artists like Lisa Ekdahl and Bo Kaspers Orkester.

My favorit Swedish term - slå dank don't know how to translate.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Aurora said...

Hahahaha, "slå dank" means do nothing!!! If you like swedish music, listen to Anna Ternheim!!! Sooo good.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Rebelde said...

I wonder how the å and the ä sounds in swedish... any language with new letters in the alphabet qualifies as difficult to learn for me... or maybe I'm a slow student

4:49 PM  

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