Friday, October 27, 2006

Words you should know in my country

There will always be a chance for us to go visit one of our fellow One-at-all members and not know how to speak her/his language, and with so many places to go, we're not going to waste any time learning grammar rules or the perfect past tense, we want to take the easiest road and learn just enough words to help us live a day away from home.

Even if we all spoke the same language, there would be different words to name the same things. If we were in your country, which words would you teach us? Would you teach us bad words? Food names? Maybe a particular expression... Whatever it is, we just want to go around and pretend we can talk like you.

Results of the poll:

Words you should know in my country 57%
Healthcare system 7%
The one thing my country doesn't have is... 14%
The most important fact in my country's history 7%
The worst thing in my country is... 14%


Blogger Tomas said...

Hello dear One at All,
I am proud to be one of you. Thank you.

However, Diego is right. We share wonderful information but haven’t any discussion in essence.
Thus I questioned myself, why our wonderful posts didn’t fire our emotions? Maybe, that is so because of my own passiveness…. (!)
What should be done for the current situation would look otherwise?

And this question prompts the answer of itself. The main causer is the themes of our topics.
We are describing just the shapes of physical world but not THE PERSONAL ATTITUDES towards the meaning of life.
And the results are such as we are used to see in our world today. It is polite indifference.
No. I didn’t criticize anybody. It’s otherwise. I am very grateful for all comments that I received on my posts. Thank you once more.
However, let’s consider the remark.

I will share my last “news” for what I had in mind could be clearer to you.
While wandering around the town, I met Aleksandras Ilginis, the chairman and the founder of the Samogitian Artists Association. We had a cup of coffee and the hearty talk … I just have return home. However, in case you will ask what meal we had, it would be hard to answer, because it didn’t matter at all to us. We were talking about the place of fine art in our society, about our moral values, the essence of what are the art colors whispering about, about the Eternities, God’s presence among us and our response to His gracious call.

That’s notable. Response isn’t the responses. We are to choose either to talk about the religion in overall or to live in the faith. That’s exclusively the personal choice.

sincerely yours

10:20 PM  

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