Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Local customs of my country - Brazil

Well, Brazil is a very a hospitable country. In some places the foreigners are treated even better then brazilian. That´s a fact: a lot of people believe that foreigner are more important people then brazilian one.

Other custom here is that if you´d like to be a politician, you have to learn the "robbery science". I can count on my fingers the honest politician from Brazil. Almost all of them are only thinking about their own pocket.

And another one, that have also become a legend of our characterict, is the "brazilian way" to solve things. For example: 1 - you are driving without the license, and a police stops you. So there´s the brazilian way to solve this, and not to be arrested or pay the fine. Example 2 - your car is broken, but you need to drive to somewhere. So you fix the motor doing some crazy thing, using improvisation, untill you go to the mech expert. Example 3 - your friend needs a surgery, and it´s urgent. But the line to make it is extensive, and he´s the 4th on the line. So you remember that you have a friend that know somebody from the hospital, so you manage to ask him to make the surgery for your friend before the other people.
But this brazilian way is very often used to good purposes too! Example 4 - You know a hunger poor family, and you make the impossible, using the "brazilian way" to help that family to get food every month...

Hope, that´s another one. Brazilian people are very optimistic about the future, and always believe that the thing are going to be better.
And it will! :)


Blogger Shing said...

Hey Jock. Funny, but my country seems to have a lot of cultural similarities with the Hispanic countries of Central and South America...and We're in Asia! How about that!

5:36 AM  
Blogger Juank said...

the Brazilian-way seems to be something common for Latinamerican countries... but yeah, as you said, if it is used for good causes, why not? :p

1:12 AM  

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