Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Local Customs of My Country...Philippines

There is one word in the Filipino language that has probably seen its last days...and sadly so. The word is "PO".

Well, it's not really a's more of a term of respect for soeone of authority, or more often, the elderly...

I personally wasn't brought up to use "po" in Filipino because my parents reared me using English, but over the years, I have noticed that less and less people actually use it. Oh the follies of the young...

Eto "po" yung regalo, Lola.--- "Here's the gift, Lola" Wherein "po" can actually be omitted, if not for the respect.

Or, "Kamusta na "po" kayo?" How are you? In which, once again, "po" can be omitted, but I honestly would rather it be used.

Or, Sino "ho" sila? May I ask who this is? Wherein "ho" is substituted for "po" which is a grammatical change.

I know using "po" in English would not sound good, but I really hope that we Filipinos would start using it again, if we are using our National Language. I think the "po" is very respectful and I think it's a trait that is admirable, whatever the culture. ;)


Blogger Jock said...


We´re losing the respecful youth. Some people from Brazil don´t respect the elderly too.

Shame on all of us, as a country.

10:07 AM  
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Blogger Shing said...

hey jock...don't we have word verification in our comments pages? Just wondering...we have all this JUNK here! :) hehehe. I'm sorry to hear that respect for elderly in both our countries has significantly dwindled...

2:26 AM  
Blogger rawr said...

but "po" is tagalog, so you'd find not many people using it, like the ilocano or the visayans for example. oh well, i guess it's the tone with which we speak that matters

9:52 AM  

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