Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Most Important Fact in My Country's History - Egypt

My country's rich history is not a stranger to most. In fact, it is due to this rich history that the world's civilizations were able to prosper & become what they are today...ever heard of the Pharaohs? I'll bet you have! ;)

Their inventions include, but are not limited to: the first ox-drawn plows, trigonometry (& hence the pyramids), the concept of organized labor, the 365-day calendar & one of the earliest systems of writing; hieroglyphics.

Incidentally, they were the first to discover & implement the use of ink &

Now where would the likes of Ghandi, Charles Dickens, Naguib Mahfouz and the vast majority of writers be without those two magical tools? Two simple inventions; the pen & the paper gave civilizations to come a voice. They allowed the weak to be heard & the strong to topple down from power.

They contributed to the birth & re-birth of various disciplines: from science to engineering; mathematics to medicine. They saw the writing of religious texts, political texts & literary prose.

Unfortunately, these two powerful tools, are becoming exceedingly replaced by the computer; the great bulk of machinery I used to type this very piece!! Yet, to imagine life without them, would be unthinkable, if not impossible.

Life would not have been life at all had it not been for the Pharaohs.


Blogger cole edwards said...

Welcome Egypt. I love your country and have read all sorts of things about it. It is a wish of mine to see your country before I die. Mystical and amazing.

Doesn't most everything cool come from your country anyway?


2:59 AM  
Blogger Fred Linardi said...

Oh... Egypt couldn´t arrive to this blog after this subject!! Wonderful history you have, full of contributions, misteries and answers!! Thanks for the Pyramids and all...


3:03 AM  
Blogger Jock said...


I´d love to know Egypt too!!
It´s one of the most importants countries, with an amazing history!

And I think egypt invented the bber too, that they used to offer to the gods!!

Welcome, Dalia!

2:37 PM  
Blogger dalia said...

thanks for the warm welcome my fellow international bloggers :))))glad to be here & would definitely love to show any of u around egypt, whenever u do decide to come ;)
as far as egy-inventions go...there are a ton that i couldn't even begin to mention! anywayz...keep up the good work & happy blogging :)

11:22 PM  

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