Friday, November 17, 2006

The most important fact in my country's history: Sweden

I think that the most important fact in Sweden’s history is the founding of our democratic rules and laws. The Swedish Constitution consists of four fundamental laws. These four laws represent the formal norms in our state, and changes of these laws must be approved by two different governments.

The first is The Instrument of government, which was accepted 1974. The second is The Act of Succession which was accepted 1810. This law considers the inheritance of our country’s monarch, i.e. the order of succession to the throne. The reform of 1980 enabled the eldest child of the monarch, regardless of sex, to be the first of the succession. The third is The Freedom of the Press Act, which was accepted 1949. This law was accepted for the first time as early as 1766 and forbids censure. The fourth is The Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression, which was accepted 1991. Everybody have a right to express whatever they want in for example TV and radio.

Regarding general suffrage, i.e. the civil right to vote, it was not complete introduced before 1945. Suffrage for men was accepted 1909, suffrage for women was accepted 1921 and suffrage for all citizen - even the poor - was accepted 1945. As the most gender equal country in the world today, Sweden was the last country in Scandinavia to get female right to vote! These are the most important facts of my country I think.


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