Friday, November 10, 2006

The most important fact in my country's history

We're here again brothers and sisters (actually I'm here and you are all over the world, but you got the point), but we wouldn't be here (or there) without some important events that happened in our pasts. In every country there are always a few group of people that will be remembered as the ones who defined the future of many, who was that person in your country? Or maybe the path of your land was defined by some other event, a war perhaps, maybe a natural catastrophe.

The point is that without that "thing" your country would be different, maybe your it wouldn't even exist. How were things before that turning point? How were after? History is not what I do best, please help me.


Results of the poll:

The most important fact in my country's history 36%
Abortion 27%
10 ways to make a better world 18%
The democracy in my country 9%
Gun control and gun laws 0%
Other 9%


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Great subject! :)

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