Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The most important fact in my country’s history: Lithuania

It had happened in a tiny town far from the main highway of Lithuania and it was so. Once upon a time I had a trip over my country and had met a pastor who welcomed me home and gave me a cup of coffee to drink and a bed to rest after the road. We had a wonderful chatter and the pastor shared his biggest secret. The Pastor have said that when he is on a trip, prior evaluating what was herd by him he tries to meet with a preacher at his own home but not in the Church. When we put aside the holly quotes, our own actions start talking and what is what becomes the obvious.
I recalled that while thinking about the rapidly forthcoming 1000 anniversary of my country. It is impossible to list all events that have happened during this span of time, but the main thing is this. We all are used to talk very nice about the homeland, about the healing impact of motherland love to our own wellbeing. And lots of the historical monuments well supports our musings. However, there is one question. Who draws the line that defines one as a countryman and other the foreigner? Who and why divides the neighbors apart? Where is the fireplace that gave birth to us all and will gather us all again in the same love?
That's the most important question in my history.


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