Friday, November 10, 2006

The One Thing My Country Doesn't Have Is - Brazil

In a country that has so many things, I was wondering and actually my country is a non-having-things-country. I know that the subject is "one thing", but it´s impossible.

The 1st thing - that I believe it´s the origin of all the problems - is that we don´t have honest politicians. We can count on my two hands the honest ones. A lot of money is taken for personal purposes... a LOT!

The 2nd is that we don´t have fair taxes. The average on taxes on companies in the world is 27,1%, we have 34%!! Brazil is on the 17º position on bigger taxes. ON Ireland, for example, the taxes were 40% in 1993, and now is 12,5%!
I think the real problem is not the big taxes, I don´t mind on paying, since the money is REALLY used for the people (which doesn´t).

Finally the 3rd thing is a good education system. On basic education, the private schools are the best, but few people have enough money to pay for it. And talking about universities, the best are the public ones, but guess who´s "able" to be admited on it? The one that have studied in a public school, or the other guy with some money that studied in a private? So our educational system increases the social inaquality.

Sorry about my english, which is not so perfect!


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