Saturday, November 18, 2006

The one thing my country doesn't have is: Cuba

Hello of my country for saying that we have many things but always we it needs.
We have one of the best equipment of baseball of the world, for my the best one but we need soccer, the great passion but in the world.
we have serious economic difficulties then many laws prevent to my country to invest freely in the world or to negotiate with most of the companies, a data, we cannot negotiate with any American company. Py near which this United States from serious Cuba a commerce very sure. But in spite of the support of the entire world they do not want that we are developed.


Blogger Tomas said...

I have red:
"... they do not want that we are developed"
but YOU yourself didnt stop enjoy the sun, isnt it?
our spirituality didnt depend on any outward circumstances and thats one and only that overfils the heart with the peace and gifts the country grateness.
Bank accounts can enable to purchase lots of things. However, that would be just things...

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that you were going to say that what you don't have was freedom...

- Cubans can't travel abroad freely
- Cubans can't have cellular phones
- Cubans can't access the Internet (I was wondering how is it that you have Internet access... where do you work?)
- Cubans can't speak freely, Castro has informants in every corner
- International press is not allowed to transmit freely from the island, they have to get special permissions to do so.

If Cuba is so great as you say, why is it that people are so desperate as to build a raft to escape the island? If Cuba is so great, then give passports to every Cuban, and let THEM decide if they want to stay in the island or not.

Try to leave your political propaganda inside Cuba, people with a few neurons know that you are lying, and that Castro is a tyrant, who once received a lot of money from the Soviet Union and now gets it from Venezuela and other tyrants around the world.

2:16 PM  

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