Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hello One at All fellows,

We´d like to recommend to all of you a new tool to earn some money.

The following is a paid review. We´re doing this because we want to migrate to a own domain, so we can offer a better blog service to the members and a friendly blog to every reader.

ReviewMe was released, and this is how it works. They suggest you to post about some issue, and if you do you earn some cash. But first of all you must submit you blog, so they calculate your blog importance (measuring the readers, the feed readers, comments, links to the blog, etc) and give you the ranking and the price of each post. The One at All ranking is still a little bit poor, as you can see. The payment for each post will be 40 dollars. As our project gets bigger, the payment value increases too!

If you want to try it, just visit and post!
After all, let us know how it was the experience.

Just to let all to know, One at All got $7,60 dollars untill now from adsense, and nothing from Amazon. But Google waits the amount of 100 dollars to pay. So it will be a loooong road!


One at All - Project


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