Friday, November 03, 2006

Words you should know from my country: Iceland

Well first off in Icelandic we have a few special letters witch do are not common with any other language. I'm just gonging to introduce you to 3 ofthem .The letters Þ þ and the letter Ð ð they both sound much like theEnglish composition of Th. The name of our ancient northern gods Thor iswritten in Icelandic Þór. And the Icelandic word for Bath is Bað, funny enough it these words sound the same in English and Icelandic. The Icelandic letter Æ sounds like I in English.

We have some words in common with our northern friends like Norwegians but they are just written a little bit different. Like the sentence in the post from Norway "Takpapp, Veggpapp, papp og papir" would look like this inIcelandic "Þakpappi, veggpappi, pappi og pappír".

All nouns have declension by case so they differ according to context. The word for I is Ég but in a sentence it changes to mig, mér,mín. To put this in context I'll give you examples:

Þetta er ég = It is I
Þetta er um mig = This is about me
Þetta er frá mér = This is from me
Þetta er til mín = This is for me

If I put my name instead It would look like this:

Þetta er Kitty
Þetta er um Kittyju
Þetta er frá Kittyju
Þetta er til Kittyjar

If my name was Jón Icelandic version of John


Confusing I know ! Icelandic children have a hard time learning to use Declension in the correct way the first years in school, some Icelanders never get this quite right.

Words and sentences that are good to know when travelling in Iceland.
Halló = Hello (we also use Hæ pronounced Hi )
Bless = Bye (we also use Bæ pronounced like English Bye)
Matur = Food
Vatn = Water
Ég er þyrstur = I'm thirsty
Takk = Thank you
Vinsamlegast = would you be so kind
Einn bjór takk = One beer please.
Sjúkrahús = Hospital
Veitingastaður = Resturant
Hvað kostar þetta? = How much?
Hvar er .. ? = Where is ..??
Ég er veikur = I am sick
Hvar er klósettið = Where is the toilet
Aðgangur Bannaður = No trespassing / No unauthorized personnel/ No entry


Blogger Jock said...

Takk to join us! :)

Uh, must be hard to speak icelandic.
I have just listened to Bjork singing some songs in icelandic, and seems very hard! But It´s so beaultiful!

11:39 AM  
Blogger Rebelde said...

I had a hard time just reading the new letters, I guess that makes Icelandic even harder to learn. Children there must be very smart because they speak Icelandic since a very young age :)

4:24 PM  

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