Tuesday, December 19, 2006

3 Ways to Make the World a Better Place: India

It is very difficult to chose just three, but here are my penny's worth. Three phrases while looking at the macro level in India: Education - access to all, Population - balance and control, Corruption - deal with the roots and make examples of the guilty. Big words, but not undoable (one hopes!).
And here is what I think can be done at the itty-bitty individual level:
-Tolerance and anti-fanatism, important to be tolerant of differing views. Especially in a multi-cultural, multi-religious social setting. Live and let live, as long as no deliberate harm is done to anyone.
-Corruption - Say 'No' and take a firm stand against corruption. Right from little things like buying pirated CDs to paying bribes to get small things done. Unfortunately giving money for 'chai-pani' (literally - 'tea-water' or slang for bribes) is common in India, even when there is really no need to indulge in such behaviour, it is assumed that giving that little bit will help speed things up. I think it is very important to remember that a) not everyone is corrupt, there ARE honest individuals in the system, and b) when so-called 'educated' 'empowered' and 'informed' people like you and I, indulge in this scourge, we become a part of the problem for other people.
-And finally, Politeness - right from one's family to the strangers on the street. In the rush of everday life often one forgets to be polite and gracious, very often it makes a world of difference.


Anonymous Vi said...

I agree with the tolerance and anti-fanatism and corruption, but I think my third ideal would have been unity--as a people, as a country. It's tied up with tolerance, but I think it's possible.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Shing said...

yeah...sometimes, it's sad that we forget to be polite to the ones that matter most...family...

Happy holidays everyone!

3:59 AM  

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