Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The invention I would like to be created is - Lithuania

I am so happy for you and so sorry for my weak English.

My post may look like having nothing in common with what I would dream to be created, but I would like we all would stay in a hug of mutual understanding and love. Isn't humanity not the family? One huge family. We all should recognize ourselves as children of the light who walk under the same heaven.

The artists are renaming the byways into the highways and don’t stop wondering at the absence of the traffic there. In other words, we encounter the reality where the toys of lovely fairy tales of our childhood awake only in midnights… the toys wonder, why people, who talk about spiritual oneness of the humanity, cluster into the striving between groups for to express their faith aloud.
I would name the artists the priests of the light that refreshes all who seek for her…and even those who don’t bother for any meaning. However if I name a knife the daily bread, would you understand me?
And thus the artists become the disabled, who are too weak to live in a town and fight themselves.

Thank you for reading my post. You became the inseparable part of my heart.

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