Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Religions in my country-- Lithuania

According to statistic, Lithuania is Catholic country. It is hard to imagine any more significant family event without attending a Church. Church towers are inseparable part of Lithuanian landscape. That looks nice, but what does it mean?
We can either believe in God and live by faith or involve into arithmetic- so to say, we can either to love or to talk about the love (we can either trust in God and rejoice at divine peace or to talk about the religions, but the last builds heavy walls of separation-not the unity.
The faith can be only personal. There isn't such thing as a faith of a country. It doesn't matter what language we pray and where we live in the concrete, or what happens around us. We pray to the same God. In other words, in case I meet somebody on around, I don't question him what he believes, but heartily welcome him because I am a believer and my fellow's joy is my joy and his problems are mine too.


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