Friday, April 20, 2007

Guns control and laws - Brazil

As everybody knows, this week a crazy south korean guy killed 32 people in the Virginia Tech University. Some time ago, one of the options on our poll was this one "Gun control and gun laws". I think it´s a great time to discuss about it.

In Brazil we see that violence everyday. It happens a lot in Rio de Janeiro, for example. Here we had a plebiscite last year to ask the people if everybody should be able and free to buy and have guns. The answer of the majority was NO.

Our government made some actions to take the guns out of circulation, like paying something about $60 for each one that was delivered (with no penalty for those that wasn´t a legal one), just to get rid of them. This action is very interesting, except for one point: bad guys didn´t give up on their guns. So we weren´t disarming the bad guys.

I personally think that everybody should have the right to have a gun, but it should be a LEGAL one, and the person would have to have a license to have it.

What do you guys think?

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Blogger Mo said...

11 years ago Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 young children in a primary school in Dunblane just 15 miles from where I live. At the time Hamilton had a gun licence and was perfectly within the law. After Dunblane, handguns were made illegal in the UK even for people in gun clubs. It is legal to have a shotgun but you need a licence and there are very strict controls about this.

But in Britain our problem is with knife crime instead and there are frequent deaths through stabbings particularly in urban areas.

I don't know what the answer to this one is. I would just really hate to live in a gun owning culture.

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