Friday, April 20, 2007

Guns control and laws - Malaysia

Wow.... It's been a while. I think we should just get the topic up instead of letting people write whatever they want. At least this way with fixed topic we know what to write and there will be constant update.

The case that happened at Virginia Tech was really crazy. So many innocents got killed. In Malaysia, not everyone can buy/own a gun. It's not easy to own a gun too. You must register all your firearms. Even if you are found with a bullet without a gun and without licence, you will also be charged. You must report to the police if you came across a bullet, even if it's empty. If you own a gun wihtout licence, you will be slapped with death penalty or jail.

Well, this is my limited knowledge that I have about our gun law. I tried to search in the Internet and couldn't find much details about our guns and weapons laws too.

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