Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guns control and laws - Germany

Germany and German people is always good in imitating the United States. So we had after Colombine also a few fortunatly quite smaller events, students with homicidal mania in schools. Anyway in Germany you cannot have guns and weaponry as easily as in the US. You have to get a special license to buy a weapon and usually you receive it after joining a gun club which are very traditional and aim to conserve hunting tradition in the countryside. However, each weapon is registered and can be identified with its owner. (Of course there are illegal guns here in Germany, but at least they are illegal.)
While the media was blaming music group and especially computer game ("Killerspiele") - note that Germany is one of the most liberal countries with one of the strictest laws against violence in any kind of media - there was almost none attention to the combination of gun clubs and these homocidal maniacs. Actually everyone was in a gun club and had comparable easy access to fire weapons - a deadly combination.
But German politicians - most come from the countryside - love all kind of clubs. They are in dozens and even more of them and this is where you gain your voters in the very beginning of your political careers. This is why there isn't even in Germany no pressure group for tighten the access to guns. So we'll wait till next time and some Counterstrike or Quake is blamed for being guilty.


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